Your Guide to Ordering with Labelcraft Products

Step One: Reach Out

One of our label experts are ready to work with you to find you the perfect label for your needs.  We are ready to help you determine the correct material, adhesive and finishing needed to represent your brand.

We will review the following items with you to ensure you get the right label:


Purpose of your label

How will you be using the label? Where will your label be applied?  How durable does your label need to be?

What quantities are you looking for?

How many labels will you need for your project?  Do you have the capabilities to hold inventory?  The more order the more cost effective your job will be. 

How many Colours

Do you have artwork? Do you know how many colours you need?

Number of colour will help us determine the best way to run your job.


What shape are you looking for?

What size do you need your label to be?  Are you applying it to your product?

Determining the size and shape will help us figure out the most efficient and sustainable way of running your label.  Our goal is always to reduce our waste.

How should your label be finished?

Does your label need a special coating?  Does it need to be Matte or Gloss?  Will you need the ability to write or print on it?  Do you require these on rolls? Do you need them individually cut?  Will these be hand or machine applied?


Step Two:

Let us quote it for you

With all the information our team will put together a custom quotation, based on your requirements you have provided us.  Your dedicated sales executive will review the quote with you, answer any questions you may have and make any adjustments necessary. 


Step Three:

Submit your order

Our team will review your order, get your order entered.  Our art team will get a digital proof to you within 24 hours for your approval.  Once satisfied with the proof you will send us an approval, at this point your order will be moved over to production.

anytime you have questions or need to make changes to the proof our team is available to work with you and your team to get the proof correct.


Step Four:

Time to produce your label

You will receive an acknowledgment and confirmation of your order with a completion date.  At this point your label will be placed into production.  Depending on your label our team will use 1 of 2 methods to print your labels – Digital or Flexographic.  Once  completed, our team will send it to finishing where your labels will be rewound into rolls and or packaged.


Step Five:


Once our team has completed your order, we will get the order shipped and tracking information over to you.


Step Six:


Enjoy your labels, knowing you are getting exactly what your order that fits your needs.  Our labels will help your brand stand out not only because of the quality but also because you can feel good knowing that you have an eco-friendly label.


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