Promotional Labels

Promotional Labels

Your labels / stickers are a great way to catch customers attention, to showcase your brands and have your standout in a competitive market. Our team can help with any of your promotional labels / stickers,  don’t forget we can also offer you a true Zero Waste label given your organization the most eco- friendly product. From paper stickers to BOPP to standard shapes and sizes to custom our team will work with you to determine the correct match. Reach out today for more information.

Five Benefits of buying our Promotional Labels

Understand the environmental impact of your Promotional Labels

Choosing the right label affect the sustainability impact of your product and brand. However not knowing the overall impact of your label can be difficult. Our team will help give you the data you need to make the right sustainable decision.

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The label Unwind, also known as label roll direction, is what determines which part of the label comes off first.Label unwind becomes very important when a label applicator is being used to apply the label to your product.If you are applying your label by hand than the unwind direction is not as important.

The are 8 commonly used unwind directions for labels.The unwind directions are named after the edge of the label that comes off the roll first.Please refer to the chart below to see the different unwind directions.The unwind will determine how the label is applied to your product.If you are unsure of the correct unwind that is required, our team will work with you to determine which unwind is correct.Contact us today and we will help ensure the correct unwind.


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