We utilize the state-of-the-art technology to create world class sustainable label solutions for any industry
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Flexographic Printing

We have the right press for your custom job. Our multiple flexographic presses at 2 locations are ideal for printing large quantities of top-of-the-line labels at affordable prices. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can manufacture and print a variety of pressure sensitive labels with up to 8 colours. With our in house prepress and plate department we have the expertise to ensure our plates meet the highest standards.

Digital Hybrid Printing

We also have the capabilities to produce as little as 500 labels, with a shorter lead time. We offer many face-stock options with exceptional quality printed in CMYK, in many shapes and sizes. On rolls, sheets or individual. In keeping with sustainable efforts we offer a UV LED varnish for all our finishes, this help eliminate the use of plastics, and use less energy.
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Label Material

We have number of face stocks available to our customers, giving you the flexibility and options to create a custom label that meets your needs. The biggest advantage of working with us is we are the only label manufacturer in the world that can offer you your label on The Recyclable Enviroliner. We can offer you standard paper labels to film stock like BOPP, Permanent to Repositionable adhesive, our team will work with you to find the best label material that works with your budget and your sustainability goals.

Label Finishes

Once we have determined the correct adhesive and face stock for your custom label, we will work with you to choose the correct finish for your unique custom label. Choosing the correct label finish can transform your label’s look and make your label stand out. We offer laminations and varnishes to help give your custom label a professional look and at the same time protect your label from the elements. In order to provide you with an even more environmentally friendly product we now finish our labels with an LED UV varnish. The new varnish reduces our use of plastics, uses less energy than standard varnish, and enables the labels to be recycled with other paper and board products. Reach out to our team and they will work with you to determine the best possible finish based on your requirements.

Finishing Options

The last step in ensuring your custom labels are exactly what you need is finishing. It is important to understand how your will be applying your new labels. We offer several options in terms of finishing your labels. Based on your requirements our team will determine the best possible finishing you will need. We can provide you with your custom labels on rolls with a variety of core sizes, sheeted labels, fan-folded in stacks. Based on your needs we can also offer you the labels on a roll in a variety of wind directions. Here at Labelcraft Products not only will we offer you exactly what you need but we will ensure it’s the most sustainable label.

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There are two types of finishes: laminates and varnishes.


  1.  Gloss Laminate  – Gloss laminate is a thin plastic film used for protection against liquids, oils and scuffs. It is more durable than varnish and adds a glossy sheen to the label.
  2. UV Outdoor Laminate – UV outdoor gloss laminate is used for extreme durability. This laminate has a glossy appearance and provides up to 2 years of UV protection from the elements.
  3. Matte Laminate – Matte laminate is a thin plastic film used for protection against liquids, oils and scuffs. It is more durable than varnish and adds a flat, matte finish.



  1. Gloss Varnish – Gloss varnish is an affordable liquid coating used to provide limited protection from scuffs and provides a glossy finish to the label surface.
  2. Matte Varnish – Matte varnish is an affordable varnish similar to gloss varnish, but with a matte appearance. This varnish is a cost-effective way to give your labels a matte look.

The label Unwind, also known as label roll direction, is what determines which part of the label comes off first.Label unwind becomes very important when a label applicator is being used to apply the label to your product.If you are applying your label by hand than the unwind direction is not as important.

The are 8 commonly used unwind directions for labels.The unwind directions are named after the edge of the label that comes off the roll first.Please refer to the chart below to see the different unwind directions.The unwind will determine how the label is applied to your product.If you are unsure of the correct unwind that is required, our team will work with you to determine which unwind is correct.Contact us today and we will help ensure the correct unwind.

Types of Label Materials
Making sure you choose the correct label material is very important for your brand. We have a number of different types of materials to choose from, be it paper or film face stocks our team will help you determine the correct material for your need.

Common types of face stocks
Thermal transfer: Most commonly used in ecommerce, this stock is typically run through a printer that uses a thermal ribbons in the printer. The printer heats the ribbon, transferring your print to the label.
Direct thermal: These are different than Thermal Transfer in the fact that your print is transferred to your label using just heat from the printer. The stock is coated with a special coating that makes the stock heat sensitive.
Matte: This material has soft appearance with a very low sheen. This will give your label a low glare.
Semi-gloss: This material has a medium sheen, still giving you a professional look without have a high glare.
High gloss: This material has a high sheen and glare giving you a very good looking label.
Laser / Inkjet: This face stock is exactly what is sounds like. This is used for laser printers or inkjet printers.

Common types of film face stocks:
BOPP: This is a popular label material that many of our customers use, this material is made of Plastic. BOPP stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). Biaxially-oriented. The material is strong and more transparent.
Vinyl: Vinyl labels are typically referred to as decals. The material is more flexible and durable. This material is perfect for outdoor applications.
Polyethylene: This material is more malleable and pliant and is often used for labeling curved surfaces like bottles.
Polypropylene: This film is the most common and is relatively inexpensive, used for short-term labeling applications

When it comes to selecting the correct adhesive, our team will work with you to ensure you selective the correct one.
Your labels are a representation of your brand and you want it to leave a last impression with your customers. The last thing you want is labels falling off or leaving residue behind on your product frustrating your customer.
Below are different adhesive options you have available, just like label material, each serves a different purpose.

Permanent: Do you need your label to stay on long term? Permanent adhesive is exactly like it sounds, this type of adhesive will works well for most of your standard labels where you need your label to stay.

  • Shipping labels
  • Product Labels
  • Seals

Removable: If you don’t want your label to permanently stay then you want to go with a removable adhesive. This type of adhesive will allow you to removed and replaced you sticker a few times without leaving any residue behind.

  • Inventory labels
  • Sticker sheets for kids
  • Price tags on delicate products

All-temp: Exactly like it sounds, this type of adhesive can be used in varies temperatures. This adhesive is ideal for cold temp applications where you need your label to stick to your product that will be in freezer.

  • Pick labels
  • Product labels
  • Box labels


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