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Labels are everywhere. Why not join us in making the label industry more sustainable?

Guide to Sustainable Labels

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What’s the deal with Label Release Liner?

The vast majority of label release liner is made of 100% virgin material that is unrecyclable or very difficult to recycle due to the heavy coating of silicone it is treated with. This heavy coating of silicone is what allows the label to separate from the release liner. Due to the coating of silicone on the release liner it is difficult to process at most recycling facilities, so it generally goes to landfill.

What is the Recyclable Enviroliner?

Our Patented Recyclable EnviroLiner, is the only label release liner made of 100% post-consumer waste that can be recycled in local recycling facilities. With the rise in demand for more sustainable solutions, our Recyclable Enviroliner solves the waste issue that has plagued the label industry since the beginning.

With brand managers and agencies under pressure to find more sustainable solutions for their packaging, one area they overlook is their labels. They have never considered the amount of waste the backing of a label contributes to our landfills. We now offer a solution to this problem with our release liner that can be recycled.

Our release liner in made of 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper from Rolland Sustana Group and we use Recycling Compatible Adhesive (RCA). Labelcraft takes the necessary steps to assure we use materials that are responsible sourced where ever possible.

If you are a sustainable brand or a brand wanting to be more sustainable with all labeling needs – look no further we can help you close that loop – literally.

Do you know your labels carbon footprint?

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Who can use sustainable labels?

Are you looking to be more sustainable in your business practices, one challenge you will face, is that for every label you are using on your product or packaging, you are wasting 50% of the label which is the release liner that will end up in our landfill as waste.

Our labels are no different than other labels, except that we have created a better eco-friendly Pressure sensitive label for the label industry. We are the only label manufacturer that can offer our labels on our Patented Recyclable Enviroliner, helping you reduce your waste going to landfill and increase your sustainable efforts for your brand.

We deal with many brands from mid size to multi national accounts, these well known brands are using our patented Recyclable Enviroliner and benefiting from reduction in waste and adding to their sustainable initiatives they have set for themselves.

Why are our labels more sustainable?

Our label release liner is the only one made of 100% post consumer material.

Our liner is made from recycled paper not virgin paper.​

Our adhesives are compatible with recycling.

This type of adhesive (known as recycling compatible adhesives) does not interfere with the recycling and pulp process and the material recycling facilities (MRFs).

Our labels use less material.

Where possible we use label materials that is thinner, hence less material is used and weighs less, which also helps with transportation as it is lighter to ship.

Our labels are classified as post-consumer waste (PCW) material.

Not only will you get a release liner made with 100%PCW but we can offer you a label with 100% PCW as well – giving you a 100% over 100%.

Our labels help you be accountable to the environment.

We can provide you 3rd party reporting detailing your environmental impact comparing our release liner to virgin paper typically used for traditional label release liner.

How is our Label Release Liner different and sustainable?

Traditional Label Release Liner


The Recyclable Enviroliner



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Recycle Again After Use - Leaving you with Zero Waste

Traditional label release liner is coated with a heavy layer of silicone, which means local recycling facilities can not recycle the liner.  Our Patented Recyclable Enviroliner uses a proprietary release agent that lightly coats the paper allowing the liner to be recycled anywhere.
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Made With 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper Liner

Traditional label release liner is made with Virgin Paper, Our Patented Recycable Enviroliner is made with 100% recycled paper meaning we are not harvesting trees to produce our release liner.
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Leading Edge Technology and Innovation Process

We believe in using innovation to improve our labels and reduce our environment footprint.  With the Patented Recyclable Enviroliner we have developed a proprietary process that eliminated the need for a heavy layer of silicone on the release liner without sacrificing on quality or performance.

See what our customer says

Recycling label Liners on the west coast of Canada is big challenge. With Enviroliner we were able to recycle our liners to become new paper material. Labelcraft has helped Lush divert our release liner to the recycling stream. The Enviroliner perfectly aligns with Lush’s value of reducing the use of virgin paper as Enviroliner is made with 100% recycled content.

 Gary Calidan
Lush – Sustainable Buyer


Yes we can, we can provide you with an environmental impact report that will show your impact based on switching to our Enviroliner compared to virgin paper traditional used with label liner stock.

Please reach out and we can put together a report based on your current usage.

This is a great question. We have had our Enviroliner tested by multiple recyclers and they all confirm the liner can be placed with other fine paper recycling basically your Blue Box.

Reach out and we can provide you with confirmation letters and work with you and your recycler in case there are any questions?

Our Label release liner is made of 100% Post Consumer Waste. We have partner with Rolland Sustana Group – we are using their Rolland Enviro Print.


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