What is a pressure sensitive label?

What is a pressure sensitive label?

Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are everywhere also commonly known as a self-adhesive label.  These types of labels are made up of three very important layers: face stock, adhesive and the release liner.   PSL can be used on almost any type of material ranging from plastic, glass to metal as well. 

PSL are very cost-effective option giving your brand a sharp look that can be customized with colour and shape to fityou product. 

Just like the name suggests, PSL require pressure for the label to form a bond between your product and adhesive.  There is no need for water or heat to have your label adhere to your product, making it a very easy and economical solution for branding your product.


Thefacestock is by far the most important part of your label.   Your face stock can be paper or film, this layer is where ink is applied to produce the content of your label be it 1 colour or multiple colours.


The adhesive is what makes your label adhere to the surface of the product or packaging.  The adhesive you use will depend on what your application is, we have different types of adhesives that will meet your needs.

Release Liner

The release liner is the backing of the label made of paper or film.  Traditional release liner is coated with a heavy layer of silicone which is what allows a label to release from the liner to be applied.    Due to the layer of silicone, the label release liner is not recyclable and typically ends up in our landfills until now At Labelcraft Products we service a variety of business and industries with our Custom printed Pressure Sensitive labels, the best part we are the only Label Manufacturer in the world that can provide you with a zero-waste labels solution.  Reach out to the team and we can provide you with more information on our Recyclable Enviroliner


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